Category: Convertible


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

Immaculate iconic car in classic Aston Martin colours Top Gear Review “One of the best-looking cars in the world with a neat electric fabric convertible roof – and this wasn’t some chop-shop drop-top either, the Roadster...

Impala 1

64 Impala Convertible

Classic 1964 Impala Low Rider. Great Cruiser. Guaranteed To Turn Heads For Your Wedding, Formal or Any Occasion. Painted In Original Turquoise With the 100 Spoke Wire Wheels.


1958 series 1 Land Rover

1958 Series one Land Rover. Short Wheel base. Externally original but powered by a 200 tdi diesel motor from a Land Rover Defender. This little car ‘Lola’ has real personality and would suit any...


1983 2CV Citroen Beachcomber

I own an original 1983 2CV 6 Beachcomber (France 3). It was a special edition by Citroen to honour the french boat “France 3” which took part in the American Cup. Only 4000 where ever...