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2011 Toyota Hilux

Perfect replica of a modern Police paddy wagon. Fully functional.. Perfect replica of a police paddy wagon. Fully functional.. Designed for film and TV use

1994 Bufori Mk 2

The car is a factory built remake of an old morgan. The whole body is made of kevlar, built on VW chassis.. Leather interior, seats, walnut dash, brass guages, stereo. . Rear engine (2.2...


1963 Rover P5

The exterior is grey in color with chrome bumpers that are slightly worn overall in good condition.. The interior has sheepskin covers over bucket seats with leather interior. The vehicle has large windows .


1970 Ford Capri

Black with Gold Stripes, Suparoo decal’s and Gold Custom Wheel’s Rear Louver. . Origanal interior, C/D player, 2 box speaker’s, 2 Speakers in the rear under the side window’s. Hi Keith I have 4...

1939 Ford Coupe – ute

Immaculate black body. Blower scoop fitted. Show condition.. Burgundy red tuck and roll bench seat. Seats 2. Immaculate.. Back is lined with flame mahogany. Straight gas 350 methonol injected.