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1963 Datsun Bluebird

Truely original 1963 Datsun Bluebird in immaculate condition.  Very ‘cute’ little car and a real head turner.  Very rare car.

Tourer 1926 Chrysler

Tourer 1926 Chrysler

1926 original tourer Chrysler fully original suit film making and or photography / Didplsy prices vary according to car use

Classic T model ford 1915 ute

Classic T model ford 1915 ute

Classic 1915 t model great for back drops and or filming Weston movies etc  and photographs specialised for models and or historical use display etc etc can negotiate price on car useage requirements

TR 1s c

Ferrari 250 GTO

Very detailed replica of the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO, the most expensive car in the world – $42m (auction 2014). Video –


A Morse Car

Loved by Cops and Robbers alike, the curvaceous contours of the Mark 11 Jaguar continue to stand out from the pack. The grace and power of this superb vehicle is encapsulated by the “Leaper’...