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Porsche 911 Carrera S.

2013  911 ‘S’ in factory “Yellow”! Titanium coloured wheels and yellow highlights throughout the car. With the Porsche factory aero kit looks menacing whilst still maintaining the classical Porsche silhouette making for a great...


Vintage 1973 Airstream Safari

A 1973 Airstream Safari located in Western Sydney. Modernised interior for commercial use. Perfect vehicle for a VIP Green Room/ On location Trailer/ Vintage backdrop for fashion/ music photoshoots. Fitted with Tan Leather seating/...


Classic French Renault 5 TS Hatchback

I have a lovely and SUPER CUTE Renault 5 TS Hatchback. She loves to get out with her french cousins on long drives. These were never sold new in Australia, this vehicle was privately...


Classic Renault 16 TS Hatchback

Drives beautifully, classic and highly regarded model for comfort. Interior perfect. Regarded as the world’s 1st hatchback. Attracts heaps of attention and smiles wherever it goes